Axiom Audio M60 v2 Floor Standing Speakers


The M60 combines excellent peak power handling - up to 250 Watts per channel - for large rooms with smooth extended bass from its dual 6.5-inch woofers. This is the go-to speaker for the demanding audiophile who wants a speaker that performs equally well with music and movies, and wants a speaker that can handle the demanding dynamics of Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound or thrilling 2-channel stereo orchestral playback. We guarantee these speakers will be the envy of the neighborhood!

These 8-ohm, easy-to-drive speakers will create ultra-clean, high-volume levels in large rooms . Both bi-wirable and bi-ampable, the M60s come with rubber feet, carpet spikes, and a wrench for tightening the binding posts.

VP150 v2 Center Channel Speaker


The VP150's tapered wedge shape lets you angle the speaker up or down toward the listening area, depending on whether you have the center channel above or below the TV screen. It also has a hex-bolt mount so that you can easily wall-mount the speaker using our Full Metal Bracket, or place it on our dedicated center channel stand under a drop-down projection screen. This center channel's modest 7.5-inch height lets it fit on shelves above or below the TV screen.



Stunning surround sound that will turn your living room into the neighborhood's favorite place to watch movies. You may never go to a movie theater again!

The QS8 delivers all the special effects present in Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks. Every home theater review cites the QS8s' stunning surround-sound envelopment as the key to an amazing listening experience.

Surround Graphic

The QS8s feature twin titanium tweeters and dual aluminum woofers top and bottom. Sound is transmitted in four directions (see diagram), tricking your ears so they can't tell where the speaker is. All you'll feel is complete immersion in the movie or music soundtrack. Unlike traditional direct-radiating surround speakers that have just two drivers, the QS8's four drivers effectively mimic the special sound effects of large Dolby movie theaters for all seats in the room. These speakers are comparable to professional surround sound speakers at $1,500 a pair!

The Quadpolar QS8s are best in medium to large rooms with moderate to high-powered amplifiers or receivers. An excellent match with our M2, M22, M60 or M80 speakers.


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